Increasing RESP Grants

September 17/2019: Increasing RESP Grants will help parents save more for post-secondary education. A new Conservative government will boost the RESP grant from 20 per cent to 30 per cent on every dollar invested up to $2,500 a year. This change will boost the maximum annual grant from $500 to […]

Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and Arts and Learning Credit

September 16/2019: Whether it’s hockey, soccer, lacrosse, dance, piano lessons, or summer sports and theatre camps, the announcement by Andrew Scheer to return what were well used and appreciated tax credits by parents, will help you pay for your children to pursue their passions.  

Universal Tax Cut

September 15/2019: While Justin Trudeau gives your tax dollars to his well connected Liberal friends, Canada’s Conservatives will deliver a tax-cut targeted specifically at taxpayers in the lowest-income tax bracket. This means that every Canadian will see their income taxes go down, and those in […]

Green Public Transit Tax Credit

September 13/2019: Today Andrew Scheer announced the Green Public Transit Tax Credit. 1.8 million Canadians benefitted from the Transit Tax Credit before it was eliminated in 2017. A single transit user regularly commuting on GO Transit from Barrie-Innisfil to downtown Toronto would save around $650 […]

Meet John Brassard

John Brassard is the first Member of Parliament of the new Electoral District of Barrie-Innisfil, serving as the Deputy Opposition Whip in Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.  After a nine-year career on Barrie City Council, John was elected to Parliament in October 2015. For over thirty […]