Electoral Reform: The people of Barrie-Innisfil are having their say!

MP John Brassard recently sent a survey to every household in the riding of Barrie-Innisfil asking for feedback on electoral reform. The Liberal government has stated very clearly that 2015 would be “the last election under the first-past-the-post system” (the system that has been in place since Confederation, 1867).

The following is a summary of the first 250 responses mailed from households in the riding of Barrie-Innisfil to MP Brassard in Ottawa. (Only those who indicated their name and address have been calculated in these totals):

QUESTION 1: Should Canadians have the final say on the way we elect MP’s?

(250 responses)

YES, hold a referendum: 232 (93%)

NO, let the politicians decide: 18 (7%)

 QUESTION 2: Do you favour changing Canada’s electoral system?

(246 responses)

YES, major changes: 74 (30%)

NO, current system: 103 (42%)

MAYBE, minor changes only: 69 (28%)

 QUESTION 3: If you chose YES for #2, which new model do you prefer?

(87 responses)



OTHER: 2 (2%)

 QUESTION 4: Should voting be mandatory in Canada?

(248 responses)

NO: 99 (40%)

YES: 114 (46%)

UNSURE: 35 (14%)

This data shows:

  • 93% think the people of Canada must have the final say on changing our electoral system once the politicians present their options.
  • 70% believe the current system works well or a major change is not needed.
  • Of those who want to change the way we elect MPs, only 12% prefer the Preferential/Ranked system coveted by Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Party.
  • Barrie-Innisfil is split on whether voting should be mandatory in Canada.

MP Brassard appreciates all feedback on this important issue facing the future of our democracy. 

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