As we welcome 2024, I want to wish everyone in Barrie-Innisfil a healthy and prosperous New Year.

While 2023 certainly presented serious challenges and uncertainties for Canadians, it also highlighted the incredible resilience and strength within our community. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time or donated to our food banks, Christmas Cheer, Christmas For Kids and all of the other amazing organizations that worked hard this holiday season to bring a little joy to those in need.

I’ve seen neighbours supporting each other, acts of kindness to strangers and the unwavering spirit that defines Barrie-Innisfil. It’s this unwavering spirit that fills me with immense hope for the possibilities that lie ahead.

As your MP, I will continue advocating for our shared aspirations and working towards a future that uplifts and provides hope over fear and division for every Canadian and future generations.

In my 2022 year-end message, I wrote about the housing affordability and attainability crisis, the impact of the high cost of living and a food security crisis. Those challenges were much worse in 2023 as it winds to a close.

Conservatives understand the need for tax relief and measures to make life more affordable. We presented several motions in 2023 to remove the carbon tax from home heating bills that is impacting Barrie-Innisfil residents significantly, but the NDP-Liberal costly coalition said no and continued their plan to increase costs for seniors and families struggling to pay their bills.

I’m proud to stand in the House of Commons, along with my Conservative colleagues, to support families, young Canadians, seniors, farmers, small business owners and workers. Here are just some examples of what Conservatives pushed for in our role as the Official Opposition this past year:

  • Called on the Trudeau government to extend the federal pause on the carbon tax to all forms of home heating for all Canadians.
  • Introduced Bill C-234 to eliminate the carbon tax for farmers who need to heat their barns and dry their crops.
  • Forced multiple votes of non-confidence to pressure Trudeau and his NDP coalition partners to axe the carbon tax to bring home lower prices on gas, groceries, and home heating.
  • Pushed the Liberal-NDP costly coalition to introduce a fiscal plan to balance the budget to decrease inflation and interest rates.
  • Called on the Trudeau Liberals to address foreign interference in our democracy and for the IRGC to be deemed a terrorist organization.
  • Introduced the Building Homes, Not Bureaucracy Act, to bring home more affordable housing for Canadians.
  • Introduced a motion to end Trudeau’s deadly safe supply program and to invest in treatment and recovery for opioid addictions.

Conservative Bill C-280 and Bill C-294 were passed, ensuring financial protections for Canadian produce farmers and supporting the rights of consumers and small businesses.

It’s wonderful to be able to spend a few weeks at home over the holidays, but I’m looking forward to returning to Ottawa at the end of January to be your voice in the House of Commons and continue the hard work Conservatives have been doing on behalf of Canadians.

In 2024, Conservatives will remain focused on axing the carbon tax and making life more affordable for all Canadians. Our plan is simple. No pauses. No gimmicks. No special deals based on politics or what connections you have.  We will continue to be an effective opposition and not an audience that Trudeau wants.

I want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year filled with peace, good health, and great prosperity. As always, please contact me or my staff at 705-726-5959 or if you need information or assistance with federal issues or services. We are always happy to help!