The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed cracks in our healthcare system that need to be addressed.

Conservatives will add nearly $60 billion to our healthcare system over the next ten years by increasing the Canada Health Transfer to provinces and territories to at least six per cent.

Also, we recognize that mental health and addiction were serious problems long before COVID and after a year of lockdowns these are urgent crises for the next government. Canadians are suffering and dying.

John Brassard and Canada’s Conservatives believe it’s time for real action – and a new approach. The Canada Mental Health Action Plan will:

      • Encourage employers to add mental health coverage to their employee benefit plans;
      • Propose partnerships with the provinces to dedicate a significant portion of the stable, predictable health funding to mental health treatment;
      • Create a nationwide three-digit suicide prevention hotline;
      • Create a pilot program to provide $150 million over three years to non-profits delivering mental health and wellness programming.