During this time of out-of-control inflation when people are     struggling to pay for groceries, gas, and other essentials, Canadians deserve a break from    Justin  Trudeau’s carbon tax and relief from spiking prices. Canada needs the federal             government to support and build our natural resource sector.

I am calling on Justin Trudeau to act in the best interest of Barrie-Innisfil and all Canadians by immediately scrapping his punishing carbon tax, reducing the GST on gasoline and stopping his government’s senseless attack on our natural resource sector and Western Canada.

Energy security for Canada would lower the cost of fuel for everyone, create good jobs, make us less dependent on countries that don’t have the same high environmental and human rights  standards and would give consumers more buying power and peace of mind.

Barrie-Innisfil, there are simple solutions at the government’s disposal that would reduce the price of fuel and make life more affordable for you. I think you will agree, it is time for action.

Currently, Canada imports over 500,000 barrels of oil a day, including tens of thousands from Saudi Arabia  – that’s billions of dollars every year that could stay right here in our country and create jobs in our natural resource sector and prosperity for families.

However, our NDP-Liberal government continues to stand in the way, stopping Canada from producing and refining our own oil. Instead of doing everything possible to support workers and build our economy, the Trudeau government is increasing taxes and making life unaffordable for working Canadians.

The federal government has the tools and the power, but not the will, to solve the issue            immediately with these three very simple solutions.

The mind-blowing prices we are all seeing at the gas pumps today are not sustainable and are especially difficult for Canadians on fixed incomes and the middle class.

I think it’s fair to say most Canadians are taking a pounding at the pumps – including people who need to drive to work or medical appointments, seniors who want to drive to visit their families, but can’t afford to fill the tank.

I receive emails every day from Barrie-Innisfil residents who are struggling and anxious about the cost of living and the future for their children. Many tell me they must choose between buying gas to get to work or buying fresh fruits and vegetables for their family. These are difficult decisions, and the stress is unbearable for parents who are working hard and being left behind by this    government.

Recently, I stopped at a gas station next to a carpenter who was filling up his work truck and he told me the $265 tank of gas would last only four days. His truck is essential for his work.

I also heard about a young mother who has been working part time to bring in extra money for her household. Because of the cost of gas, however, she decided to quit her job because driving to work was eating up her entire pay cheque. There was nothing left after filling the tank.

There are countless heart-breaking stories and yet the prime minister continues to falsely state that most are better off with his carbon tax rebate.

It simply isn’t true – as Barrie-Innisfil residents have shown me with their soaring home heating, gas and grocery bills.

According to Yves Giroux, Parliament’s independent, non-partisan budget officer, most people receiving rebate cheques (80% by 2024) will pay a lot more in annual carbon taxes than they get back in rebates.

The Trudeau government claims the average household in Ontario this year will receive $134 more in carbon tax cheques than it pays in carbon taxes. Giroux, however, says an average  family will actually pay $360 more.

Barrie-Innisfil, I am hearing your concerns and I am calling on the NDP-Liberals to suspend the carbon tax today and offer a GST rebate on fuel, to help Canadians who are having a tough time making ends meet.

Canadians need quick action!