Canada’s first NDP-Liberal budget ignores the urgent need to address inflation and the cost of living. Instead, Justin Trudeau has left working Canadians behind with a budget that will increase taxes and make life less affordable for families.

“At a time when so many people in Barrie-Innisfil and across Canada are falling behind and struggling to make ends meet in the face of skyrocketing inflation, the NDP-Liberal government has announced additional billions in new spending that will further fuel runaway inflation and hurt Canadian families and seniors,” said MP John Brassard.

“Canadian families are struggling amid an affordability crisis. With runaway inflation affecting the prices of necessities, higher prices at the pumps, an increasing carbon tax and an out-of-control housing market, Canadians are simply being priced out of their way of life,” said BarrieSpringwater-Oro-Medonte MP Doug Shipley.

“The people of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte need a budget that works for them, not against them. Unfortunately, that is not what the Liberals have proposed,” said MP Shipley. Out of control government spending has already led to out-of-control prices at the gas pumps, at grocery stores and in the housing market. This 2022 federal budget will only make things worse.

“Canadians are much worse off today than they were six years ago and every day I see the negative impact of Justin Trudeau’s increasingly irresponsible budgets. People across the country are unable to afford a house and many tell me they are forced to choose between putting food on the table and filling the gas tank to get to work, but this budget shows us once again that the Prime Minister not interested in helping Canadians. He is solely concerned with his own political gain,” said MP Brassard.

Just last week, polling by Ipsos showed that 53 per cent of Canadians say they need help with the soaring cost of everyday needs due to inflation. Likewise, a recent report published by the Barrie and District Association of Realtors showed that the average selling price of a home in Barrie is now over $950,000. This is a 36% increase compared to the same time just one year ago and an 86% increase in comparison to two years ago.

Homeownership under the Trudeau Liberals is increasingly unaffordable for Canadians. Conservatives have been calling on the government to give Canadians a break by reducing the cost of gas, but Liberals and NDP said no and introduced a budget that will cost Canadian families more.

“Conservatives understand that Canadians are looking for tax relief and measures that will make their lives more affordable. On April 4 we introduced a motion calling on the House to present a budget rooted in fiscal responsibility with no new taxes that would put the country on a path to balanced spending,” said MP Brassard. “NDP and Liberal MPs voted the motion down and instead presented a budget that is proof that they will punish Canadians financially at a time when they can least afford it because they only care about one thing – holding onto power.”