After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, life has never been more expensive and in just a few days – on April 1st, Trudeau will play a cruel joke on Canadians by hiking his carbon tax again; this time by 23 per cent on gas, heat, and groceries.

Every day I hear from people in Barrie-Innisfil who are struggling with the cost of living and they can’t afford another tax hike which will have a profound impact on Canadian young people, families, seniors, families, businesses and farmers.

Conservatives introduced multiple motions last week, pushing back on the Liberals planned April 1 carbon tax hike. After the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc voted against our motion to stop the increase, Conservatives called for a motion of nonconfidence.
Unfortunately, the NDP and Bloc propped up their Liberal masters yet again, preventing a carbon tax election.

The upcoming increase is just one more kick to Canadians who are already down, because the long-term Liberal-NDP plan is to quadruple the tax. Trudeau’s inflationary carbon tax means a family of four will have to pay $700 more for groceries in 2024.
Conservatives will continue the fight to Axe the Tax, and make your life more affordable.

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