FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nov. 23, 2023 — Instead of making life more affordable for Canadians, the Liberal government’s fall economic statement, with $20 billion new inflationary spending, means higher debt, more deficits and increased interest payments on the federal debt. There is no plan to balance budget, and while most Canadians want relief from the punishing carbon tax, the government has reaffirmed the plan to quadruple the tax.

The economic statement is further proof that Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about Canadians who are looking for responsible, accountable government with measures to tackle inflation and make life more affordable for seniors, families, and young Canadians.

In Barrie-Innisfil, we are seeing the real-world costs of generationally high inflation and the fastest rise in interest rates in Canadian monetary history. Trudeau’s government caused this misery with a record $600 billion of inflationary debt and countless tax hikes that drive up the cost of the goods we buy and the interest we pay.

Food banks nationwide are experiencing overwhelming demand. Visits are up 84 per cent at the Barrie Food Bank this year and the Innisfil Food Bank is seeing proportionally the same growth. Thankfully, generous donors and volunteers in our community continue stepping up to feed families who are struggling.

After eight years of Justin Trudeau housing costs have doubled and homeowners renewing their mortgages at today’s rates will see an increase from two to six percent or higher.

Barrie-Innisfil farmers and small businesses are faced with rising carbon taxes, interest rates, labour shortages and government policies that make it harder than ever to keep the doors open.

It’s time to reverse the damage this Liberal government, with support from their NDP coalition partners, has caused. Only Conservatives plan to balance the budget to bring down inflation and interest rates and axe the carbon tax to make life more affordable for all Canadians.

I will proudly stand up for Barrie-Innisfil and vote NO to adding more debt and deficits.  NO to paying higher interest payments on the debt.  NO to increased costs and inflation, and NO to quadrupling the carbon tax. And finally, I will vote NO for Barrie-Innisfil families, businesses, seniors, and our young people who are paying for Justin Trudeau’s failed economic policies.