Residents of Barrie-Innisfil can bring their fully completed applications, including new passport photos and all applicable documents required, to our constituency office – 480 Huronia Road, Suite 204B in Barrie. Bring your completed application, passport photos and all applicable documents and we will review your application and send it for processing.

You can also bring applications for family members. (Each individual applicant does not need to attend in person). Visit the Passport Canada website for more information. No appointment is needed and our office is now open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The current processing time for passport applications is approximately 21 days.

Passport FAQ’s:

What is the benefit of sending my application(s) though my MP?

  • There is no charge to review the completeness of the application or the secure courier service to Passport Canada
  • If Passport Canada requires additional information/clarification they will contact you directly by phone as opposed to returning the entire application by mail for you to re-submit at a later date.

Do I need new passport photos?

  • Whether you are renewing a previous passport, or applying for the first time, two identical passport photos taken within the past six months must be included.

Click here for information regarding passport photos.

Does anyone need to sign one of my photos?

  • YES, THE GUARANTOR signs if it is a child application or adult general application. An adult simplified renewal does not require a guarantor signature.

Can I send a photocopy of my birth certificate or Canadian Citizenship?

  • Original documents are required. (Simplified Renewals do NOT require any proof of birth or citizenship)

Can a family member be my guarantor?

  • Anyone who holds a five-year or 10-year Canadian passport that is valid (or has not been expired for more than 1 year) and has known you (the applicant) personally for at least 2 years can be your guarantor.

My previous passport is still valid or expired less than a year ago. My last name has changed (i.e. got married) can I renew my passport in the new surname with a Simplified Renewal?

  • No, you must use an Adult General Application and include a copy of the ‘linkage’ document (i.e. Marriage Certificate, Legal Name Change).

Do I need to send a ‘long form birth certificate’ for my child or can I send the ‘short’ version?

  • All children’s applications require an ORIGINAL long form birth certificate (Statement of Live Birth).

Visit the Passport Canada website for more information regarding passports.